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If you can't make it to a Guest Day, are looking to celebrate something special, our want to spend quality time at the sanctuary, you can book a private tour. 


Your guide will either be a board member or one of our amazing Animal Care team members. Private tours last 1.5 hours and provide an opportunity for a deeper  sanctuary experience.


You will learn about the resident's species, gain further insight into who they are as individuals and as family units, and you will discover more about sanctuary life and what it entails. All tour proceeds go directly to the care of the residents and the organization that is their home. 


  • Tours of 1-5 guests is a $150 donation

  • Tours of 6-10 guests is a $200 donation

  • More than 10 guest is an additional $25 donation per person

  • Produce party for the pigs can be added for an additional $100 donation

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