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Xander was living with a family who intended to eat him. Unlike most of his kind, one of the family members couldn't see Xander become a meal and advocated for his freedom.  Xander made it to FCFS and became a long time resident and a favorite amongst guests. He is very friendly, talkative, and enjoys showing off his impressive feather display. Xander doesn't mind giving a gobble to those who pass by his home.

It is estimated that 46 million turkeys in the United States are destined to become food on one single day alone, Thanksgiving. When they loose their life, they will typically be between 14 and 18 weeks old. In his ninth year of age, Xander has lived roughly 490 weeks.


Xander is an ambassador for his species and shows us what is possible when we make different choices. He has a rich life and has formed a tight bond with hen friend, Amelie. The two live together and are never far apart. 

With molting season, Xander's feathers go through a transformation throughout the year. During this process the fullness of his signature look can lessen. No matter what stage his feathers are in, he still puffs them for a proud display. Another form of non verbal turkey communication is the changing of their head color. This is a visual expression of their mood. Paler tones mean turkeys are more relaxed with darker tones meaning they are more excited or stressed.


We hope Xander is still communicating with us for many years to come.

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Amelie and her three hen friends came from a neglect case in Albany, NY. Dead animals were found on site, and there was no food or water present. The girls were inside a dirty kennel that was zip-tied shut.  They were transported to FCFS where they will be well-fed, cared for, and loved for the rest of their lives. 

After their quarantine period was up, the girls headed to the turkey pasture which is divided into two living spaces. Amelie ended up taking a liking to Xander while also showing us that she did not like fellow rescue hen, Estelle. The feeling is mutual and neither of the hens enjoy each other's company. Estelle became roommates with the other rescue hens, Margot, and Chloe, and they all integrated with male turkey, Pierre. 

Chloe remains neutral in the feud between Amelia and Estelle. She jumps the fence to spend time with both groups. Amelie doesn't mind the extra company and is a generous host to Chloe. 

Amelie is fast! She likes to run and she's good at it. She runs to Xander's bowl to see if he left any crumbs behind. She will also run to race Care Manager Emma through the yard. Sometimes Amelie wins! She needs rest after all that activity. Her favorite sleeping spot is in the corner. Especially during the colder months when the heater is on. She also likes to play with Xander by sneaking into his sleeping area before he arrives. When this happens Xander has a look of confusion on his face. 

Amelie is bold and charismatic. She is loving to Xander, and despite her disinterest in forming a friendship with Estelle, she is kind and welcoming to Chloe.  

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