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Jordan, aka the Major of Waterfowl Wonderland, is extremely friendly and loves people! Like his frenemy Sollie, he’s an African Grey goose. As a young man, Jordan was abandoned at a park. People took his honks as a sign of aggression. In reality Jordan was just displaying his natural behavior while searching for a friend.

Duck and goose abonnement is very common. People mistakenly think that letting them loose in the wild near humans or a body of water means that they will thrive. This is not the case. Domesticated ducks and geese lack the survival skills needed in the wild. They can also succumb to the elements and predators or become ill from lack of a proper diet. We are grateful that all the waterfowl residents made it to safety. We're also grateful that they stayed out of the food systems. Geese are consumed and used for down feathers and foie gras just like their duck friends. 


Finally felling safe, Jordan's personality started to blossom and he was able to be his true self. Since Jordan loves humans so much, it seems  likely that he imprinted on one as a gosling. He is by far one of the most outgoing residents of the sanctuary. When he sees people he comes running and does so while continuing his enthusiastic vocalizations. 

Jordan loves his Care Team and follows them from house to house as they clean the waterfowl pasture.  He is dedicated to hydration and has to drink from every water bucket. Jordan does talk to Sollie, but he truly prefers talking to his human friends. He especially likes it when you get down to his level so he can look at your face. While we are intrigued by Jordan's looks, he may may be intrigued by ours as well. 

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Poseidon and Poinsettia are a bonded goose pair. Poseidon is larger and has a large gray patch of feathers on his neck. Both have blue eyes. Poinsettia is very kind and sweet, just like her mate Poseidon. When moving into Waterfowl Wonderland she was most bold of the two. While Poseidon needed a lot of convincing, Poinsettia was up for the adventure. When Poseidon was finally ready, the duo walked side by side down the dirt road and into their new home.

Poseidon has a tender and gentle heart. He is bond with Poinsettia is clear, he is incredibly sweet with her. Poseidon and Poinsettia have a friend that likes to tag along with them. Sollie, a fellow goose, yet a third wheel non the less. Begrudgingly or not, when together the trio have daily adventures. However, any form of their friendship is paused during meal times. Poseidon and Poinsettia do not like Sollie sharing their food. 

When they come out of their house in the morning, Poseidon and Poinsettia flaps there wings while running and fly low to the pond. Every day they're excited to stretch their wings and begin their goose activities. We're happy, to see them happy.

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Tigran is a Muscovy duck. He is besties with fellow Muscovy, Onyx. When the two were temporarily separated in preparation for the move to Waterfowl Wonderland, they became very upset and tried to reunite. Now that they’re together again, they couldn’t be happier!  

The boys spend much of their day together and we've even seen them running around the pond playfully chasing one another. Due to their size and shape, both Tigran and Onyx have a distinct way of walking. It involves a lot of wiggling. 

Tigran can fly, but he choose not to to leave FCFS. He also has sharp nails which are useful when perching or maintaining stability on wet or slippery objects. Over the years Tigran would change color. Now it seems that he is in his final form, his feathers no longer change. 


 Though Tigran has a deep friendship with Onyx he sleeps with the female ducks and his old friend Danny, a Peking. Tigran prefers to keep away from humans, but is a great friend to all his Waterfowl Wonderland pasture mates. 

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Violet is the eldest duck of Waterfowl Wonderland. Her breed may look familiar, she is a Peking duck. This is the most popular duck used in animal agriculture to become food. The Peking duck is also crossed with a Muscovy duck like Tigran to be used for foie gras. In either case, Peking ducks typically only live between 8 to 14 weeks. 

This is why we celebrate each day and year that the residents have with us. Due to the domestication of Peking ducks, it is highly likely that Violet also wouldn't have survived this long in the wild. Especially because she has mobility issues that require pain management. She has had long happy life at FCFS and we're honored to care for her.

Violet spent most of her life bonded to fellow Peking, Daisy. Sadly, in 2023 Daisy passed away. Though she left us before Waterfowl Wonderland was complete, the Care Team carried her and Daisy into the pasture and put them in the newly dug pond. Daisy was able to spend time in what would become home to Violet and all their waterfowl friends. 


Since Daisy's passing, Violet has become close with Danny. Due to her mobility concerns, Violet spend nights in the medical barn. In the morning the Care Team holds her while they drive the ATV to Waterfowl Wonderland. Daisy enjoys the ride and lifts her head to feel the wind on her face. Though there are two ponds in Waterfowl Wonderland, Daisy prefers an above ground pool that has a special ramp for her. This makes the pool easier to navigate than the ponds. Swimming is not only a natural behavior, but it also helps Violet's joints. Danny is very sweet and comes over to say hi to Violet and then joins her in the pool. 

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Angel has a super power, she changes color! When she first arrived at FCFS Angel was mostly gray, then the gray turned to brown. Over time, she has continued to transform and is now mostly white. Angel gets her name because her left wing sticks out.

This may seem like a cute trait, but it's actually a condition called, "Angel Wing".  This is thought to be caused by a nutritional deficiency and imbalanced diet. Angel Wing can also develop from the consumption of foods that are unnatural to waterfowl, such as bread. 


This is a example of the consequences of abandoning ducks and geese. They can become reliant on human food. Though people have good intentions when feeding waterfowl, the food being offered typically falls short of adequate nutrition. 

It is thought that Angel Wing is relatively painless. Like all the residents, Angel is monitored for changes in her behavior that might indicate pain or discomfort. Angel looks different, but she can participate in all the usual duck activities. She is bonded with Prima Rosa who looks similar. The two stay close to each other 

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