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Magic is one of the five mothers in the history of FCFS and at 26, the eldest resident. Magic, her daughter Eclipse and their friend Thunder lived on the property before it became FCFS. When the former property owners left, they asked if would care for the trio. We agreed! We were thankful that the trio wouldn't be relocated from their home.

Magic is a loving mother to Eclipse, the two are always together. She is also a  great friend to Thunder providing family support and watching over him. Many years before Magic became an FCFS resident, she lost her eye. Magic adapted perfectly and lives a full life. She even knows when someone is in her blind spot. Though she no longer has a left eye, she still blinks that side.


Magic has equine asthma and receives special treatments to ensure she can breathe easy. Like her daughter, she also has Cushing's Disease. This is an abnormality of the pituitary gland and a treatable condition. Both Magic and Eclipse receive daily medication to help control the signs of their disease. 

 Magic's Cushing's does affect her coat and she requires daily grooming. In the heat of the summer she really enjoys being hosed down.  To keep this super senior healthy, Magic is given extra food. She is very sweet at breakfast and knickers with contentment. 

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Eclipse and her mom Magic share many similarities. They're the same color, except Eclipse lacks the grey streaks of wisdom that decorate Magic's face. They both have Cushing's Disease which they take daily medication for, they each have asthma, and both are sweethearts.

Eclipse does have a mischievous streak. Well, at least at meal time. She knows her mom gets extra food which is so delicious that she can't help herself. She is known to try to sneak bites from Magic's bowl.  We were unaware that Eclipse was also an asthmatic. Her asthma didn't reveal itself until 2023. She received treatment and hasn't a flare up since.

When it's time for a visit from the farrier, Eclipse is very cooperative and happily lifts her feet to receive hoof maintenance. Besides her passion for pedicures, Eclipse loves a good rolling session. She isn't afraid of a little dust or grass on her coat.  Unlike many of her fellow residents, Eclipse likes rain and enjoys standing in it. Which such incredible hair, sometimes her bangs make their way into her eyes and she has to do a hair flip to clear her vision. 

Eclipse is a spirited individual with strong family bonds and great hair flipping skills. Like her mother, she requires specialized care and daily medication to keep her healthy and happy. We're grateful to provide Eclipse with all that she needs and deserves.

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Thunder is the most social of the trio. He likes to approach the fence to say hi to visitors and adds new members to his fan club in the process. Thunder is very charismatic and also has a bit of a rebellious streak. Like his pasture mate Shane, Thunder also likes to get into a little mischief.

Try as we may, Thunder is known to investigate the muck buckets looking for a snack. Sometimes they get knocked over in the process. Thunder is at peace causing a little mess. Like his donkey friends, Thunder is not shy about letting us know when he's hungry. In fact, he gets "hangry" and tells us to hurry up by kicking the grass. Thunder definitely has a sixth sense for  food detection and knows when a meal is present even before seeing it. 


Though he is eager for his meal, Thunder is comfortable sharing. Even when the dinner guest is uninvited. Thunder's goat friend Shane, has a habit of helping himself to the horses' hay by standing in the middle of their feeder. Thunder, Magic, and Eclipse are unbothered and permit Shane to take part in their horse happy hour. Being a food enthusiast, when meal time is over Thunder will pick up his bowl and swing it side to side to make sure it is empty.

With his stunning golden hair, Thunder appreciates being groomed. However, he does not appreciate it when Magic and Eclipse have their turn. He gets very jealous. Though Thunder is a sweet man, he likes to play tough with new staff members. He tests them to see what he can get away with and if he can easily persuade them to give him food. Once the relationship is established Thunder goes back to his normal courteous ways. In fact, Thunder is very intuitive and is great at sensing moods. If a team member is having a tough day, Thunder is happy to lift their spirits. Thunder is a food aficionado with as much charm and personality as good looks.

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