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Bron Bron is the only father at FCFS. He's definitely a cool dad and a charming friend to all. Fortunately, Bron Bron was able to join his partner Maddie and their daughter Andrea to live out their days in tranquility. At 50 years, one of the longest lifespans of any resident, the donkey herd will be with us for decades to come.  Throughout this time, we hope Bron Bron and his herd members have many days of happiness and good health.


Protecting and honoring the bonds of the residents' relationships is extremely important to us. Addressing the needs of their holistic well being is as high a priority as any other form of care we provide.  We're beyond grateful that his family was able to stay together. 


Bron Bron is much smaller than the rest of donkeys making him easily distinguishable. He has an incredible amount of heart and personality in his petite body. Speaking of hearts, Bron Bron melts them. He has a calm sincerity about him and he loves a good scratching session.  When he approaches you with his expressive eyes, you can't help but smile. 


 Bron Bron is definitely the king of cool... until it's meal time. His calmness fades a little and he brays to remind us that it is indeed meal time. Being enthusiastic about food ourselves, we certainly understand where he is coming from.  His stature may be small, but his voice is giant!

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Maddie is one of five mothers to have called FCFS home. With her spotted coat, she stands out amongst the herd. Like her friends, Maddie enjoys a good dust bath. However, she has equine asthma. To help control irritants in her environment we're mindful of dust in her house and food. Extra care is given to ensure the pellets on the floor of her house are changed frequently enough to prevent them from breaking down into powder. 


Just like human asthmatics Maddie uses an inhaler.  To help remove excess dust that could cause an asthma flare up, the Care Team soaks all her hay. Maddie is just one of the residents who has extra needs that the Care Team is attentive to. She is a young, but with an aging population it is especially important to provided specialized treatment and proactive health maintenance to the residents.


We're happy to be able to give Maddie the medical support she needs. She is a wonderful mother to Andrea and shows interest in visitors. Like her friends, she enjoys quality ear scratches.   

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Jeque is mom to Shanni. This mother and daughter duo were the first donkey residents at FCFS. While Jeque is quick to approach visitors, Shanni is more reserved and likes to take her time deciding if she wants to join the activities.


Jeque and Shanni have a deep bond. Though they hang out with the other herd members, they remain close to each other. While all the equine at FCFS have regular visits with the farrier to ensure proper hoof health, Jeque and Shanni require additional daily hoof maintenance from the Care Team. When it's her turn to work with the farrier, Jeque knows exactly what to do for her pedicure. She is patient and helpful and though she wears a halter during the process, no one needs to hold it. Jeque will stand in place and calmly allow the farrier to work.


Like many of her friends, Jeque loves a snack. If she sees the Care Team by her pasture, she will approach in hopes of a treat. The same goes with visitors. One of Jeques favorite activities is to roll on her back with her legs  in the air.  She gives herself a good back scratch and dusting all in one movement. 

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