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You can host a percentage of sales day/week to benefit the residents of FCFS. 

Another option is allowing customers to round up their purchase total at check out.


Become a matching gift funder. You can offer to match an amount of your choice. Knowing a donation will go further by being matched helps to incentivize donor support. Any amount you choose will go twice as far!




You can sponsor a resident, event, or project.

You can also choose to sponsor by donating goods, services, or gift cards to our fundraising events.


Full Circle Farm Sanctuary is Guide Star and Charity Navigator verified and has been operating as a

501(c)(3) nonprofit since 2010. We're on 55 acers, are home to 100+ rescued residents, and have only five paid staff members within the entire organization.


These incredible staff members are a critical component of FCFS. All are part of the Animal Care team, providing daily direct care to the residents 365 days a year, sun up to sundown, despite the weather conditions or obstacles. Anything outside of the daily care of the residents is handled by our three volunteer board members, giving their time, talent, qualifications, heart, and financial support to ensure the needs of the residents, organization, and staff are met. Each has been involved with FCFS for 7-10 years. 


In 2014 work began to permanently relocate the sanctuary to Warm Springs, Georgia. 2016 marks the official establishment of our Georgia roots. Making FCFS leaders of the Greater Atlanta area and North Georgia farmed animal sanctuaries. 


Over fourteen years we have grown our reach and impact. We would like to continue doing this important work on behalf of our residents, those they represent, and those who still need our help. We believe in change and putting in the effort to create the world we want to see. A world that is kinder to all, animals and humans a like. 


We embrace the work required to show up for the FCFS residents and to support our mission. It's not always easy, but it is always worth it. We want to do more and we know we can make a bigger impact together. Above are ways your company or business can support FCFS. If you have any other ideas, we'd be appreciative of the opportunity to hear them. On behalf of the FCFS team and the residents,  we invite you to become part of our story.


Let's discuss the way your company or business would like to be involved and what a partnership would look like.

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